English Tuition

Pre School

Build a strong foundation

Grasp the fundamentals

This helps your child to grasp the fundamentals of the language and allow him/her to build a strong foundation in preparation for his/her transition into lower primary. Mastering fundamental grammar concepts, premise language usage and grammatically-accurate sentence structure is of paramount importance. Our progressive learning approach will allow your child to learn with ease.

Primary 1 & 2

Developing the fundamentals

Grasp the critical grammar concepts

We understand the importance of nurturing a strong foundation in English at this pivotal stage of your child’s primary education. We focus on developing the fundamentals of reading, writing and oral communication of your child. Through exposure to a variety of reading materials, you child will be better able to grasp the critical grammar concepts and accurate sentence structure. There will also be opportunities for them to apply their understanding in classes and our teachers will be able to provide real time feedback to your child.

Primary 3 & 4

Completely grasp the essential language skills

Introduced to complicated grammatical concepts

As we advance to more complex readings and vocabulary, our teachers will ensure that your child is able to keep up in school and be ahead of the syllabus. As your child progresses to upper primary, they will be introduced to fairly complicated grammatical concepts and multi-clauses sentences. Not having a full understanding of these concepts leads to wrong application of these rules. Our tutors will allow ensure that your child acquire the essential language skills and completely grasp them before moving on.

Primary 5 & 6

Raise their grammatical and vocabulary competencies

Aligned with PSLE formats and syllabuses

Well-versed with the latest MOE syllabus, our dedicated tutors ensure that what your child learns is closely aligned with PSLE examination formats and syllabuses. Your child will be equipped with the relevant skills in answering techniques and content application. With regular fully simulated preliminary examinations, your child is geared up for actual exams conditions. Our experienced tutors have identified and will provide targeted help in conventional weak areas such as Synthesis & transformation, Comprehension Cloze and Comprehension Open-ended. Our exhaustive coverage aims to help students raise their grammatical and vocabulary competencies and tackle PSLE with confidence.

Lower Secondary

Identify and correct of common grammatical errors

Summary writing and inference questions in comprehension

As students transit into the next phase of their education journey – secondary education, they will face many new challenges, such as the revamped content and structure of the English examinations. Our experienced tutors will introduce them to the requirements and question formats for all exam components at the secondary level, such as a new format of ‘editing’ that necessitates the identification and correction of common grammatical errors, the introduction of expository and argumentative essays, summary writing and inference questions in comprehension.

Upper Secondary

Pick up language precision and enhanced fluency

Develop their own perspectives to be confidently express themselves

Language mastery will be finetuned as we ensure your child to be able to pick up language precision and enhanced fluency. Readings will allow your child to build general knowledge and develop their own perspectives as well as explore other critical views. This helps them to have their voice and be able to confidently express themselves by writing with precision and clarity in essays and oral communication.

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