Creative Writing

Creative Writing: Tailored to help students raise their english proficiency and perfect their narrative and expository skills, our interactive programme allows your child to acquire all the writing skills required for academic excellence. Under the guidance of our tutors, students will master the techniques of brainstorming, story formulation, sentence construction, paragraph formation and effective vocabulary usage.

Primary 3 GEP Mathematics

Primary 3 GEP Mathematics: Specially crafted for your child to develop higher order thinking skills and question analysis skills. They will be able to think out of the box and be more analytical when approaching problem solving. Our teachers will constantly probe and encourage your child to realise more of their potential in this programme.

Chinese for Non-native Speakers

Chinese for non-native speakers: We create a conducive environment for non-native speakers by allowing them to have constant exposure to the language as well as detailed, step-by-step teaching on mastery of a new language to them. This steep learning curve will be bridged by our expert tutors who will build confidence in your child’s language skills as well as ignite their passion to learn more about his subject.

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