Pre School

English Tuition

Build a strong foundation

Grasp the fundamentals

This helps your child to grasp the fundamentals of the language and allow him/her to build a strong foundation in preparation for his/her transition into lower primary. Mastering fundamental grammar concepts, premise language usage and grammatically-accurate sentence structure is of paramount importance. Our progressive learning approach will allow your child to learn with ease.

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Maths Tuition

Guide them to read and understand the questions

Link the mathematical concepts with the correct terminology

We understand that students at this age are still building up their vocabulary, so when we expose them to mathematical problems, we will guide them to read and understand the questions first. Often, we use of pictorial aids and manipulatives to help them link the mathematical concepts with the correct terminology in the questions or instructions. Our lessons are also infused with IQ challenges to stimulate their thinking. The students may be required to detect patterns in shapes and numbers or to solve a puzzle in a creative way. Sometimes, quizzes are gamified into fun activities to engage the kids and promote a healthy competition between their peers. To prepare your child for Primary 1 syllabus, our programme will cover topics like:

  • Numbers – 0 to 50, Numbers Comparison, Ordinal Numbers, Number Patterns
  • Measures – Shapes, Symbol Patterns, Length, Graphs, Time and Money
  • Addition & Subtraction – within 10 & 20, Number Bonds
  • Word Problem – Addition & Subtraction Word Problem


Learn to decode by ‘sounding out’ the words they see

Learn how to read by making associations

English is tricky because the sound-spelling relationship is not ‘transparent’ as in many other languages. Our phonics programme helps children learn how to read by making associations between the sounds they know and the letters and words they are just beginning to recognise. Your child will first learn the 42 main letter sounds. Early practice is confined to words in which the letter/sound correspondence is regular. As they picked up the basic letter sounds, they will learn to decode by ‘sounding out’ the words they see, and blend sounds between consonants and vowels to read out the whole word. As your child build up the fluency, words containing non-phonetic elements are introduced. They will begin to understand certain letters can make different sounds in different words. Phonics is a fun and child-based approach to introduce reading, with significant impact on your child’s ability to spell and pronounce throughout their primary education.

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