Primary 1 & 2

English Tuition

Developing the fundamentals

Grasp the critical grammar concepts

We understand the importance of nurturing a strong foundation in English at this pivotal stage of your child’s primary education. We focus on developing the fundamentals of reading, writing and oral communication of your child. Through exposure to a variety of reading materials, you child will be better able to grasp the critical grammar concepts and accurate sentence structure. There will also be opportunities for them to apply their understanding in classes and our teachers will be able to provide real time feedback to your child.

Chinese Tuition





Maths Tuition

Prompt them to think deeper or present their thought process

Train the student’s higher order thinking and problem-solving skills

Primary 1 and 2 students have to master the foundational skills in the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. While teaching the four operations, we are careful not to let students use rote learning, where students simply apply the operations based on the keywords in the questions without fully understand the concepts. Whenever we detect superficial learning, we will intervene by tweaking the questions to prompt them to think deeper or have them present their thought process in a more concrete manner. Students are taught simplified models for the four operations and heuristics to help them master word problem at a young age. We also incorporate challenging IQ questions into our curriculum to train the student’s higher order thinking and problem-solving skills. Quizzes and assignments are sometimes gamified with rewards and online points system to keep your child motivated and engaged.

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