Primary 3 & 4

English Tuition

Introduced to complicated grammatical concepts

Completely grasp the essential language skills

As we advance to more complex readings and vocabulary, our teachers will ensure that your child is able to keep up in school and be ahead of the syllabus. As your child progresses to upper primary, they will be introduced to fairly complicated grammatical concepts and multi-clauses sentences. Not having a full understanding of these concepts leads to wrong application of these rules. Our tutors will allow ensure that your child acquire the essential language skills and completely grasp them before moving on.

Chinese Tuition






Maths Tuition

Introduced to basic heuristics in solving word problems

Developing the higher order reasoning skills

In Primary 3 and 4 Mathematics, students are introduced to basic heuristics in solving word problems which lays the critical foundation for upper Primary Mathematics. Our programme place a lot of emphasis on developing the higher order reasoning skills of the students. They are trained to restate the problems, make calculated guess, and draw more advance models. When students are faced with difficulties in problem solving, we provide individual guidance to help them make the right connections and carry through the logic in their thought process. Our lessons are planned such that students learn the problem-solving techniques explained through examples before they tackle questions of varying difficulty to reinforce their understanding and build confidence. Important concepts are also relentlessly revisited throughout the process to ensure concrete mastery by your child.

Science Tuition

Help students master abstract concepts in Science

Guide them on structuring complete responses in open-ended questions

While your child is first introduced to Science, they might be unaccustomed to the way ideas are expressed in the subject. Many students at this age understand how various Science concepts work in a layman term, but struggle to produce good answers with the necessary scientific keywords in examination. We help students master abstract concepts in Science and guide them on structuring complete responses in open-ended questions. Students will be trained to identify the focus of a question and use relevant keywords to express their points so that they won’t lose mark unnecessarily.  They will also learn to analyze experimental set-ups, flowcharts, data and graphs in application questions. In addition to the core content, experiments and hands-on activities are also integrated into our lessons to broaden and deepen your child’s learning.


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