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Prepare your child for PSLE success with our focused 6-hour June Intensive Course. We delve into essential exam techniques, dissect key trends, and explore hot topics relevant to the PSLE syllabus. Our program empowers students to grasp concepts, master exam strategies, and stay ahead of the curve.
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You’ll learn:


to practice in the following 3 main areas:

  1. Synthesis & Transformation
  2. Cloze Passages
  3. Comprehension


9 June (Sunday) 2-5pm
16 June (Sunday) 2-5pm

Fees:  $130

Teacher:  Ms Sharmila


to practice 3 to 5 marks problem sums from various topics such as:

  1. Units and Parts
  2. Simultaneous
  3. Units and Value
  4. Excess and Shortage
  5. Repeated Identity
  6. All Quantities Changed
  7. Making Supposition 
    and many more.


6 June (Thursday) 12-3pm
7 June (Friday) 12-3pm

Fees:  $130

Teacher:  Mr Jeffrey


to practise open-ended questions from topics such as:

  1. Food Web
  2. Adaptations
  3. Energy & Forces
  4. Water Cycle
  5. Reproduction
  6. Plant & Body Systems
    and many more.


10 June (Monday) 12-3pm
11 June (Tuesday) 12-3pm

Fees:  $130

Teacher:  Mr Jeffrey

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