Becoming A
Speed Learner

Hack Your Mind to Become a Super Learner

Have you encountered someone who doesn’t seem to study as much as you but their results are always better? Are there secrets to study more effectively?

Often, we only look at the time spent during a study session and neglect the subconscious learning that is happening throughout the day. If you spend two hours a day studying, and a speed learner spends only an hour a day, but his brain is processing the information learnt in the background while doing other activity, surely, he can still achieve a better result than you.

Speed learning is not about how much you can learn in a short amount of time. It is about how to push the boundary of shallow learning and achieve concrete understanding and deep mastery. You will also spend less time on repeated studying because it’ll be hard for you to forget what you have learnt.

This is an intense 2 hours seminar about how to learn smart and effectively. You’ll learn:

01 Learn Effectively

How to grasp and internalize concepts, so that you can apply it to new situations and problems. We will teach you techniques to utilize the subconscious mind in learning, so that learning becomes fluid and not rigid memorizing and application.

02 Boost Exam Performance

How to sustain your focus. We will teach you about ‘flow’, a mental state where you block out the sense of self to achieve heightened focus and performance. It will help you achieve better results in exams or any competition.

03 Beat Procrastination

How to summon intrinsic motivation to reduce procrastination. We will look into tactics speed learners use to meet their goals so that social media or gaming addiction will not become a problem that impede the learning.

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