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Have you ever felt that your mind is somewhere else when you study, eat, or speak with family and friends? You are doing what you are doing, but your mind drifts somewhere and you don’t feel that you are in one place. Do you feel a high degree of stress from studies, a busy life and personal relationships?

The world is all abuzz nowadays about mindfulness. What is mindfulness?  Why is it popular nowadays?  Even many schools are rolling out mindfulness education. Mindfulness helps you manage your stress more effectively and work through it more quickly. Frequent mindfulness practice—even micro-sessions of a few minutes or less—imparts health benefits. Research suggests that mindfulness programs can improve cognitive performance as well as resilience to stress.

Meditation is an important instrument for shaping or transforming your minds. By and large, the mind always looks out critically and deals with external events, but rarely bothers about Meditation can give it new instructions. This is a fun 2 hours’ seminar about how you can learn about the secret keys for mindfulness and meditation. These science-based, comprehensive meditation exercises will not only help you cultivate a sense of inner peace throughout your daily life but also give you the tools to enhance your mindfulness. Learn how to observe your mind and experience mindfulness. The hands-on skills and information taught in this seminar will be useful throughout your life with constant practice.

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