Philosophy on Life

Why do we need to learn philosophy? Philosophy deals with the deepest questions we have ever asked ourselves, and it there are answers by the greatest thinkers and philosophers in our history. It need not be limited to western philosophers. Eastern religions and philosophers like Buddha and Lao Zi have also provided meaningful insights into the deepest questions in life.

However, the answers provided by philosophers are often difficult to understand. In this seminar, we aim to summarize these difficult concepts into simple-to-understand illustrations. We will explore the wisdom from both western and eastern philosophy, such as Socrates, Buddha and even Einstein, and put these questions in the modern context from the perspective of history, psychology and science.

This seminar is targeted to secondary and JC students. At this stage where we are going into adulthood, it is important that we have a right sense of direction in life. Learning philosophy can give us the confidence to tackle life challenges in the future. Above all, we will learn to respect others and be respected by others.

In the seminar, we will explore these three most fundamental questions about life:

Who am I and why am I here?

Is there a higher truth?

What is the meaning of life?

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