The Bensa Approach

our teaching philosophy

The Bensa Approach

We believe that teaching children to simply pass exams is doing them an immense disservice. Learning should be deep and ingrained, not retained for the exam and subsequently forgotten due to lack of use. Our teaching philosophy is a holistic one, encompassing what it takes to be a well-rounded character who can contribute meaningfully to society in their own unique way and through their own set of interests, gifts and skills.

Empowering Students Beyond the Classroom

Beyond academic achievements, we seek to empower our students with the life skills and guiding principles they need to be a positive force in society. The Bensa Approach is aimed at building on one’s internal foundation, which is made up of three core pillars: the Mind, Body and Soul.

Training the Mind

We teach focus and mindfulness in a world full of distractions. We develop critical thinking and communication skills to empower your child in life beyond the classroom.

Focus & Mindfulness
Learn about centering one's mind and practising mindfulness to encourage your child to be truly present and focused on the task at hand without procrastination or distraction
Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
Strengthen their intellectual capabilities through critical thinking and problem-solving skills
Social & Communication Skills
Develop critical social and communication skills that will determine their success in life more than their academic results

Nourishing the Body

We impart knowledge on food, nutrition and health so that your child is well-equipped to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

Healthy Lifestyle Habits
Teach students ways to maintain optimal health and performance in work and study
Food & Nutrition
Broaden knowledge on nutrition and food science

Enriching the Soul

We nurture curiosity and the practice of self development to build character and develop your child’s passion for lifelong learning.

Self Development
Grow your child's natural curiosity and passion for learning, and ways to apply compassion, love and kindness in the everyday
Life's Guiding Principles
Gain meaningful insights and wisdom through philosophical concepts, which can serve as guiding principles in charting their own direction in life

Cultivating Focused, High-achieving Lifelong Learners

Ultimately, we want our students to be able to find direction in life, to be self-aware and passionate, and be successful in their future endeavours. This includes improving their academic grades and overall learning capabilities. We strive to make learning an enjoyable process for students, whereby academic success becomes a by-product of their passion to learn.

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